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Career Counseling in India: Do you remember the time when someone asked you “what would you become when you go grow up?” and almost any answer was acceptable, considering your age and limited knowledge of the world.

However, the question gets serious once we start formal education and become bane of our existence, especially after passing +12.

Unfortunately, not many students know from the beginning what their career path is. And they start fretting about it only after passing +12, when pressure to choose the right type of study course and educational institute mounts.

In this scenario, seeking career counselling from a trained and qualified counselor can help students discover their true potential. Career counselling, usually based on three factors—personality, interest and aptitude, can help students to select their career path.

Career counselling programs are fast becoming popular among Indian students these days as there are numerous job opportunities out there and of course, not everyone can be a doctor, teacher or an engineer.

Benefits of Seeking Career Counselling:


Helps in Finding True Potential: There are children who know what they want to be. And then there are those who find it tough to make their mind when it comes to choosing a career path.
Career counselling sessions and aptitude tests conducted by counselors can help students find out more about what study courses interest them and what are its future prospects.
On the basis of counseling results, students can make informed decisions regarding what course they want to enroll into, to reach their chosen career destination.


Clears Confusion: Despite being aware of what they want to do, some students usually have no idea about the academic path they should follow to qualify academically for their chosen field/career.
Counselling can also help students overcome this confusion by giving them clear cut view of what to expect from various study courses offered by numerous institute.


Helps Make Clear Decisions: Counselling also helps those students, who were raised on preconceived notions that they must follow the path of their parents, e.g., if both parents are doctors then kids are expected to be one too.

Good counseling session help students see themselves, first and foremost as an individual, who might not be interested in following on their parents footsteps and could be better suited for some other career.

All and all career counseling can be quite beneficial and can help students choose right study course to get to their chosen career.

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