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Abstract Topics:

Abstract topics test your lateral thinking and creativity. These topics are not given often for discussion, but their possibility cannot be ruled out.

1. It does not matter if a cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.

2. Are animal better than Human beings?

3. Dead yesterday, unborn tomorrow.

4. How important is victory?

5. Surds are duds.

6. Small is beautiful.

7. Honesty is the best policy.

8. Catch them young.

9. Barefoot Doctors.

10. Golden shackles are better than ironwork.

11. Money is the sixth sense without which you cannot enjoy the other senses.

12. Time – there it goes…

13. Deeper shades of black.

14. Up in the sky.

15. The last few lines.

16. Highly inflammable.

17. What about me?

18. Keep running ahead.

19. Do you need rules?

20. Do you need a ruler?

21. The falling star.

22. Water burns more than fire.

23. Brown is a beautiful colour.

24. White poison.

25. The colour orange.

26. The 3rd eye.

27. Horse sense.

28. As the crow flies.

29. You only live twice.

30. Dreams can happen.

31. There is a Pink Pyjama on top of the Red Fort.

32. The alphabet ‘A’.

33. A Red Spot in the sky.

34. We’re being watched.

35. Life after death.

36. Twinkle twinkle Little Star.

37. And the clock struck 13.

38. The spear that pierces heaven.

39. The yellow canary.

40. Red vs. blue. Or, roses are red, violets are blue.

41. Footprints.

42. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow, a mystery. Today is a gift.

43. Music.

44. Is love just a four-letter word?

45. Antonyms or synonyms.

46. Ice Age.

47. Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

48. The ends justify the means.

49. The only conviction in a man’s life should be to not take life seriously.

50. Rational thinking makes man inhuman.

51. Superficiality is the order of the day.

52. The pen is mightier than the sword, but fanaticism is the mightiest of all.

53. Honesty is not the best policy.

54. Good things happen to bad people.

55. What is there in a brand name?

56. The means are more important than the ends.

57. One who hesitates is bossed.

58. He who can does, he who cannot manages.

59. Success depends on the stars.

60. The child is the father of man.

61. The wretched shall inherit the earth.

62. The further backward you look, the further forward you can see.

63. Alas! Mumbai is not New York.

64. Cats are better than dogs.

65. Winning is not the main thing, but the only thing.

66. Those who lose are the real winners.

67. If you select, don’t suspect. If you suspect, don’t select.

68. It is better to sit still than rise and fall.

69. Within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities.

70. Pride comes before disaster and arrogance before a fall.

71. Nature has everything for everybody’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed.

72. Man only counts his sorrows, not his joys.

73. Disaster sets in when you reach what you wanted.

74. The more you gain, the more you pay.

75. Sink a ship, earn a fortune.

76. An expert is a man who knows more and more about less and less until he knows practically everything about almost nothing.

77. Snakes are better than crocodiles.

78. Time is money.

79. Dilemma.

80. Black is beauty.

81. Haste makes waste.

82. Advantages of being lost.

83. Late come, first serve.

84. Mother.

85. Your name.

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